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The Firm:

We're a Private Equity Real Estate and Social Impact Investment Firm whose core pursuit is to secure superior risk-adjusted returns anchored by select value-add multifamily acquisitions, while bridging quality and prolonged equity to Workforce Housing Communities.

We deploy recession-resistant methodologies across Primary and Secondary Markets within the Sunbelt Region, focusing on consistent cash flow and well-postured exit strategies, all designed to maximize asset profitability and ensure capital continuity for our valued Equity Investors, Capital Partners, and quality residences for our Tenant Communities.

The Strategy:
Achieving Alpha


Acquire & Procure

We prioritize investments in properties with strong fundamentals and potential for growth, ensuring high value for both investors and sellers. Our process includes strategic market identification, where we target submarkets with growth potential  based on job and population trends, and supply-demand balance. This is followed by a detailed market analysis, selecting residential areas with favorable conditions and sound fundamentals. Our investment criteria is meticulously set, considering a mix of macroeconomic factors and metrics, ensuring informed decisions that are truly risk-adjusted and that align with market trends as well as investor expectations.

Harborstone Capital’s approach goes beyond property selection, encompassing comprehensive market analysis and strategic alignment for optimal investment opportunity and investor value.


Reposition & Manage

Our objective is clear: to significantly uplift the property's appeal and operational effectiveness. To achieve this, we undertake comprehensive renovation projects, modernizing the property and upgrading its amenities. Our focus extends to improving unit interiors, ensuring they meet contemporary standards and tenant expectations. Additionally, we implement strategic property and asset management approaches, aimed at optimizing operational costs while maximizing NOI. Key to our strategy is boosting occupancy rates, achieved through targeted marketing efforts and robust tenant retention practices.

This phase is crucial in our commitment to not only elevate the living experience for tenants but also to ensure sustainable, long-term value for our investors.


Stabilize & Divest

Harborstone Capital's foremost objective is to cement the financial stability of our properties, setting the stage for a lucrative exit strategy. Our actions are geared towards maintaining a robust revenue stream and achieving high occupancy rates, key indicators of the property's solid financial health. Critical to this phase is our vigilant monitoring of economic conditions and capital markets risk, enabling us to pinpoint the most opportune moment for property divestments and to secure elevated returns for our investors. A key aspect of this phase is the careful timing of the sale, which we align with market highs and investor interests, ensuring maximum profitability.

This approach underlines our commitment to not just stabilizing our investments but also to realizing their maximum potential value for our investors.

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